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A Streamlined, Self-Guided System for Dropping
That Extra Weight Faster–
and Dramatically Feeling Trimmer and Radiant
in Less Time While
Eliminating Confusion and Overwhelm!

It’s All Here for You…

Your VIP Pass to Guidance, Support,
Energy, and Motivation
That Cuts Through Hype and Misinformation.

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A Time-Efficient, Easy, Patient-Proven Blueprint
to Success in 42 Days or Less.

What Are You Waiting For?

The Wait is Over for You to Manage Your Weight!

The Weight Is Over Now:
42 Days to Wellness, Weightloss, and WOW


Dear Optimal Health, Energy, and Weightloss Seeker,

As a wellness and weightloss expert for over 15 years, I hear how you are full of hope that you’ll finally end your struggle to get the body, energy, and life that you‘ve wanted so badly for so long. Something has eluded you up to now, and I hear your frustration loud and clear.

I really do get it. I’ve listened to countless people just like you who are looking for real strategies that work so that their wait for success is finally over.

I hear you…you want to be done with feeling like a failure, as if your body isn’t “you” anymore. You’re so tired lately that you’re afraid you’re missing out on life. Sad that you’ve lost confidence in yourself, and you’re just feeling stuck. You’re overwhelmed with all the dos and don’ts that seem impossible to follow and are simply fed up with the same old up and down yo-yo diets that never stick. You’re feeling alone, because consulting with an expert seems too unaffordable and just plain complicated. The problem is, you’re impatient to get the concise, expert information that works in “real life” and cuts through the hype and confusion.

Well, I have some exciting news for you. Your wait is over. Finally. And the confidence to have your best, healthiest body and have the relationship or the job, which seem to be there for everyone else, is only 42 days, or 6 short weeks, away.

Please read on to get all the details…

Think about it, you’re only 42 days—and just 6 steps– away. You’re so close.

Then you’re so ready for

    • bigstock-Beautiful-woman-with-playful-y-12136166YOUR turn to look and feel the way you’ve been yearning to. Now.
    • YOUR time to lose the procrastination until the perfect moment arrives. Now.
    • YOUR time to “cut to the chase” and get the help you need. Now.
    • YOUR turn to know what’s going on with your body, especially if you’re over 40. Now.
    • YOUR time to feel and look the way you want and deserve—fabulous!

    If You’ve Been Waiting for a Different Mind-Body Solution to Your Weight and Happiness, It’s Here Right Now.

    I’ve meticulously (and happily) done all the “heavy lifting” for you while scouring the research, diet books, and countless programs to present these best of the best, the “Cliff Notes,” if you will. This way, you have clear, concise, up-to-date information without the annoying confusion and contradictions that seem to appear in every new program every day.

    I’ll present all the secrets, insights, and must-know vital information that adds up to real, quick results for you. Let’s get started: You’ll gain the motivation, clarity, tools, templates, and the steps you need to rediscover that person you know is there, waiting inside to come forth! (Let me tell you, I know…I’ve been there, and now, here, it’s never felt better.)

    Think about it, you’re just 42 days away.


    Close your eyes and picture yourself…how you’ll look, eat, move, feel, and think differently.

    What will your life look like if you aren’t all consumed with your weight, the scale, and food? What would you be able to attain, to focus on, to do? Push the procrastination, the excuses, and the sabotaging beliefs aside that get you in your own way, and believe that this vision is so much more than a dream but a real, attainable possibility for you. Here’s why…

    I’m holistically combining the best of East and West… bigstock-Day-SPa-26206928

    As a nationally board-certified Oriental medicine practitioner and a certified nutritional expert with my own Wellness Center in New York City, I enjoy a successful online coaching practice for individuals across the country. I’m committed to bringing you the best guidance from both worlds—from holistic, cutting edge approaches to timeless, and carefully researched tips, strategies, and guidance—to bring you balance, self-confidence, and health from the inside out.

    It’s a Win/Win.

    bigstock-Happy-family-playing-on-beach-27386381I’ve got the WIN waiting for you

    you, feeling back in control with an inner smile.

    you, feeling leaner in your clothes faster.

    you, respecting yourself again.

    you, opening the doors to abundance and joy.

    And, most importantly,

    you, sleeker, happier, energetic, and healthy—at every age.

    Here’s the HOW…

    The Weight Is Over Now:
    42 Days to Weightloss, Wellness, and WOW!
    At a Glance

    You’ll receive a complete, compact 6-Module Program:

    6 weeks of information, support, and accountability in 6 key modules delivered weekly into your inbox. Includes handouts, templates, and takeaways for you to download and keep.

    (Yes, you need all 6 to be TRULY successful WITH your weightloss. ) Proceed at your own pace…how refreshing! (Value $1,500.)

    With Bonuses …

    bigstock-Smiling-young-woman-on-the-pho-24840257#1. Two Q & A live calls (one every 3 weeks) so you’ll have 2 opportunities to bring your personal challenges and questions plus an open mind and a pen for notes in the comfort of your own home, office—or wherever you are. (Note: Some of the best advice and direction that I have ever received was from listening to others. I know you’ll want that, too.) Recorded for you to keep. (Value $500)

    #2 The exact same Healthy Eating Guidelines I give my private VIP coaching clients (Value $197).

    #3 An invaluable support group of people on a private, dedicated Facebook forum page. (It’s important to be with a community of people who are going through parallel issues.) (Value $200.)

    #4 Unlimited email access to me throughout the program. (Priceless).

    PLUS a SPECIAL BONUS to support you in effectively applying what you have learned to YOUR life…

    #5 One private 30-minute “the weight is over” session with me in between modules 4 and 5, carefully designed to help you expertly implement these steps and guidelines in your life. ($250 Value).


    First, I want you to do due diligence and investigate.

    (Warning: This May Be Painful for Just a Minute.)

    Take an Honest Look at the COST to you if you stay right where you are today…

    bigstock-stop-excuses-tell-the-truth-t-43251490xstill feeling bloated, heavy, and uncomfortable.

    xstill feeling stuck and “less than” for having procrastinated again.

    xstill hiding behind those dowdy, “forgiving” clothes.

    xstill unable to have the energy and mobility to keep up the pace.

    xstill having health issues that will likely worsen as time goes on.

    xstill lacking focus and vitality in your daily life.

    And most importantly,

    xstill minimizing your potential for a joyful, healthy life.

    Doesn’t feel great, does it?

    Instead, Allow Me to Take You by the Hand for 42 Days and Guide You with Rock-Solid Support Through the 6 Steps to a Newly Empowered, Trimmer You!

    RobertaMittman-0021I’m Roberta Mittman, L.Ac. Over the years I’ve worked with and helped thousands of patients both in person at my Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing in New York City, and virtually, across the U.S. and Canada to help them quickly achieve weightloss, wellness and the WOW…that’s the juicy “cherry on the top!”

    Now I’m thrilled to bring my exciting collection of patient-proven health, wellness, and weightloss strategies to you in a breakthrough, self-guided program—The Weight Is Over: 42 Days to Wellness, Weightloss, and WOW.

    Using holistic mind/body approaches, my patients and clients have not only lost hundreds of pounds collectively but they have succeeded in keeping the weight off because they’ve found a plan that’s easy, practical, and sustainable. Again and again.

    Here’s the Win:
    Now it’s YOUR turn to shine.

    From the convenience of wherever you are.
    And at your own pace.

    “I’ve made life changes,
    and I’m loyal to you for the rest of time.”

    “Working with Roberta has made such a dramatic difference in my life. Roberta has helped me with weight reduction, my immune system and overall health and wellbeing. I find working with Roberta to be fun, doable, and above all, I’ve seen results—39 pounds so far—and I’m even impressed myself!

    “Previously, I was on a strict diet, missed foods, and gained the weight back over time, but together with Roberta, we have worked on finding a food plan that keeps me satisfied and not deprived, with portions that are reasonable, and including the foods that I enjoy. I’m doing so well that not only have I had to have my pants taken in, but I have just lowered my medication for the second time. Those are results I am so happy with…I know there are even more on the way.”

    A.G., New York, NY

    Ready to go? Just register here to get started…


    In my practice, I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals just like you. We’ve found the breakthroughs to success time after time. Is this program right for YOU?

    YOU’LL know it’s time for The Weight Is Over Now if you’ve been struggling with ANY of the following issues in this list and say, “That’s me!”

      • You’ve been tossing at night wondering if “your time” to look and feel better will ever come.
        Translation: You’re feeling tired, confused, and stuck with worn-out, limiting beliefs.

      • You’re discouraged by previous failed attempts to lose weight and get healthy.
        Translation: Maybe you’re just flawed. Over 40? This is a big one!

      • You’ve tried every self-help diet book and program out there.
        Translation: They left you feeling hungry and even heavier.

      • You’ve always wanted to speak to someone qualified to help but it’s too expensive.
        Translation: You didn’t know where to look for this assistance—until now.

      • Diet food choice on whiteYou’re confused about what, when, and how much to eat…for REAL results.
        Translation: You want expert help handling cravings and making great choices.

      • You hate having to cover up with baggy, formless, “forgiving” clothes.
        Translation: You wished you could feel better about looking in the mirror.

      • You always seemed to gain back lost weight in the past.
        Translation: You haven’t discovered the key to true weightloss—sustainability—until now.

      • You’re concerned about feeling deprived and miserable.
        Translation: You’re concerned this will be uncomfortable as with past efforts.

      • You can’t perform tasks efficiently at work and just can’t seem to focus.
        Translation: You’re leaving $ on the table that could be in your pocket.

      • You find yourself irritable and cranky with your family.
        Translation: The results are less patience and more guilt.

      • You feel that everyone is getting results—except for you.
        Translation: You feel alone and flawed.

      • You’re over-giving, over-serving, and the last item on your “to do” list is you.
        Translation: When is it your turn?

      • You feel as if you’ll have to go through the weightloss process alone.
        Translation: You won’t know what to do, and when, like before.

      • You don’t know who to share your questions and concerns about weight with.
        Translation: You’re missing essential, rock-steady support and informed guidance—until now.

    Sound familiar? Yes, I get it.

    Let me tell you that you are NOT alone,
    and here is the SOLUTION WAITING JUST FOR YOU.


    “I Hadn’t Been That Size Since High School!”

    wio-CarolynBerg“For the last few years, I was feeling pretty bad about myself. I had gained all the weight back that I’d lost a few years prior. I wasn’t eating healthfully, was making excuses for it, and simply wasn’t happy physically. My clothes didn’t fit right and I didn’t like looking at myself in pictures anymore.

    “Then, in the spring of 2011, I met Roberta Mittman at a workshop we were both attending, and that pretty much changed my way of life. I tried to pretend with her that everything was fine and that I was healthy, etc., but after speaking with her on the phone for the first time, I realized that I could really open up to her. She has such a caring way about her that I knew I could trust her and seek her assistance.

    “Roberta started me on a weightloss program; however, little did I know that the approach wasn’t just about weightloss—it was about a new way of looking at food and exercise and what those meant to me. As we went on, I came to realize that I was no longer “dieting.” I had a new way of eating. Roberta taught me that I was in control of what I ate and that I could be responsible about it. She taught me when to recognize I was full and to read labels carefully so I knew exactly what I was eating. She also helped me find some very yummy recipes by really listening to what I liked to eat and didn’t like. When we formed a game plan together, I felt as if she was really my partner and I could lean on her whenever I needed help.

    “After only a few short months of working with Roberta and staying committed to my goal, I went from a size 10/12 to a size 6! I hadn’t been that size since high school! I was totally shocked and in complete disbelief when I went on a little shopping spree to find that even the size 8s were too big for me. Size 8 was the smallest size I had been able to fit into in recent years, so seeing the size 6 pants on me put me over the edge with delight. My family is still shocked every time they see me, and I get compliment after compliment from my husband, who even went out and bought me some great new clothes to have fun on the town with him.

    “Roberta truly cares about my success and always makes herself available for my support. She and I worked together to make this happen and she never lets me forget my accomplishments. I feel terrific about how I look and I’m so excited to say that I no longer `diet.’ I have a new way of eating, and this is my life now.

    “Thank you, Roberta, for all that you’ve done and for all that you continue to do for me. I could never have had this mindset without you and I truly appreciate your support.”

    Carolyn Berg, CyberOffice Solutions, LLC

    The Weight Is Over Now: 42 Days to Wellness, Weightloss, and WOW will finally allow you to experience what it’s like to…

      • bigstock-Hispanic-woman-celebrating-and-37498093Drop the pounds that have been hanging on way too long ( especially if you’re over 40).

      • Feel happier “in your own skin.”

      • Find support and help no matter what age you are.

      • Look trim and healthy and wear clothes that fit.

      • Wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

      • Learn the best, most time-efficient ways to exercise.

      • Discover the secrets of what to eat—and when—for your schedule and your body’s demands.

      • Speak with a skilled health professional who will guide you step by step.

      • Feel successful and empowered because you see results quickly—at last.

      • Model self-care and healthful living for your family.

      • Take off the results of holiday splurges that just keep adding up year after year.

      • Enjoy the benefits of listening to and learning from me and from others in the program.

    Here’s the Win: Stop waiting to drop the weight and experience new levels of self-esteem and pride after taking control of life by mastering the 6 steps to successful weightloss.

    “I Am in Control of My Eating Habits”

    wio-JeffL“Working with Roberta over a number of months, I’ve lost between 15 and 18 pounds. In addition to that, my body has changed. A 34 waist was tight when I started, but now my 32s are loose. I can also go off my regimen on the weekends, and sometimes even during the week without skipping a beat. I started the detox plan in September 2010 and stayed on the meal plan once I ended the full detox. After a few weeks on that plan, the weight started to fall off. I worked out a little more regularly, but nothing crazy.

    “I felt great on the new meal plan. Eating `clean’ eliminated my cravings, and I didn’t feel hungry all the time as I had before. This was enough incentive to stick with it, especially when I started going off the plan on weekends, filling my cravings without putting on weight or even giving up what I did that week. Yet on weekends when I started eating pizza and other stuff I used to love, these foods didn’t taste as good as they did before I changed my meal plan. I also felt satisfied after I ate two pieces, rather than my usual four or five. In addition, I was eager for Monday to come so I could go back to eating and drinking clean again. I knew then that for the first time in my life, I was in control of my eating habits.”

    Jeff L, Trader, NY


    About me…

    wio-RobertaI am owner and founder of the Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing in New York, a licensed acupuncturist, lifestyle and nutritional consultant, virtual wellness coach, and author of Ultimate Wellness: The 3 Mindset Shifts You Can Make to Change the Course of Your Health Right Now.

    My wide-ranging training has resulted in my ability and joy in offering you a unique blend of information and expertise—East and West, timeless, and cutting-edge—so that you’ll come away from each content-packed module and call with the advice, patient-tested strategies, and ready-to-go takeaways that you have been looking for.

    Here’s the Win: I have helped hundreds of patients to reach their weight and health goals, and now I’m ready to offer my clinical experience to help you on both recorded modules and live calls designed to accelerate healthy weightloss with sustainable success—that’s the kind that lasts!

    My goal is not only to relieve you of your current imbalance or discomfort, but also to help you in creating and implementing a personalized plan for preventative care, and to empower you to be your own best healer.

    “I felt good about the way I looked.
    I couldn’t have done it without Roberta’s help.”

    wio-Nicole“Roberta was, and has continued to be, an incredible partner and resource in my ongoing battle of the bulge. I first came to Roberta in January 2010 to get some help in dropping pounds before my May 2010 wedding.

    I’d tried everything–limiting fat and calories in what I ate and working out regularly. Numerous doctors had tried telling me to eat less and exercise more (I was eating 1,500 calories or less per day and working out five days a week – REALLY?!)–and nothing was making any difference (not even a few pounds). From my first meeting with Roberta, she truly listened to me, and helped me find solutions that were realistic for my lifestyle.

    She worked to get me the results I wanted–including encouraging me to eat more! By my wedding day, I had dropped almost 20 pounds, and for the first time that I can remember, I felt good about the way I looked. I couldn’t have done it without Roberta’s help, and I continue to see her to maintain the results and achieve new goals.”

    Nicole B.
    PR Consultant
    New York, NY

    “She’s an expert at getting to the
    ‘WHYs’ of your challenges,
    and not just the ‘whats’”

    wio-KimberlyBates“Thanks to Roberta, my intake of refined sugar is down by 90 percent. I rarely get `the shakes,’ I’m finding a way to get my 10,000 steps a day, and five pounds just melted off. I’ve also got a new understanding of the food and mood relationship.

    “The thing about working with Roberta is that she gives you SO much more than what you expect. Yes, you’ll get fantastic, practical help dealing with your health issues, but as a (w)holistic practitioner, she’s an expert at getting to the ‘WHYs’ of your challenges, and not just the `whats.’ It’s like the difference between someone reading to you and their teaching you to read. Add a hefty dose of cheerleader, and working with Roberta is like having your own personal support system.”

    Kimberly Bates
    The Dream Designer


    The Weight Is Over Now Program… In More Detail

    Module 1

    Here’s your weightloss itinerary and the destination.

      • Discover how to jumpstart your weightloss beginning today right from where you are now.
      • Learn the 6 steps that comprise a successful weightloss plan.
      • Learn that while food is the focus, success in weight sustainability is more than diet alone.
      • Uncover what small changes will magnify into real, huge results.
      • Decide if a detoxification program might be right for you—plus find out what it means and what’s involved.
      • Find out some of the real reasons why you’ve gained the weight back—and then some!
      • And more!

    Here’s the Win: Learn the 3 things you must do to be successful this time. Inspirational.

    Module 2

    It’s about the food… and so much more!

      • Become aware of eating “tricks of the trade” that work every time.
      • Shape your optimized, Personalized Fuel Mix for maximum energy and balance.
      • Finally cut through the confusion and make real-life, real-time decisions about eating.
      • Gain valuable shortcuts to knowing the when and how much to eat—wherever.
      • Craft a practical eating plan that’s sustainable for YOU.
      • And more…

    Here’s the Win: Knowing what to eat is only the beginning. Get solid information NOW on navigating through your busy life with quick, easy food choices that really work. Monumental.

    Module 3

    Conquer cravings now.

      • Identify why they happen and to YOU.
      • Uncover your food triggers and cravings and learn the secrets of how to overcome them.
      • Surprise! Discover how they reveal valuable information to guarantee future success. (What is your body really looking for?)
      • Use my 4-letter PG-rated word to stop cravings in their tracks.
      • And more…

    Here’s the Win: We all have cravings. Recognizing them, knowing what to do, and effectively managing them are crucial for weightloss success. This is your chance to finally get a grip on them!

    Module 4

    Sleep and exercise… why you need them both to lose weight

      • Learn what happens to your weightloss efforts when you’re exhausted from lack of sleep.
      • Find new ways to gain the most restorative sleep.
      • Learn the newest research findings on how to exercise smarter, not harder.
      • Gain awareness of easy, new ways to add exercise to your daily routine, without equipment.
      • And more…

    Here’s the Win: Like it or not, these two variables can make or break your weightloss success. Let’s make them finally work for you!

    Module 5

    Ditch the negativity and think self-supporting thoughts.

      • Explore your thinking—it can determine how you feel, as well as sabotage successful results.
      • Make friends with the positive changes that you’re achieving.
      • Make mindset shifts that not only last but that alleviate unnecessary stress.
      • Learn how your thinking has held you back in the past and set you up for failure.
      • And more…

    Here’s the Win: Exchange those self-sabotaging “tapes” in your brain for new self-talk that builds self-esteem, confidence, and further positive action. Powerful!

    Module 6

    Stay on track while moving forward to stay successful.

      • Learn secrets for navigating potential pitfalls, including holidays, family gatherings, parties, and of course, stress.
      • Discover how to stay balanced for continued success.
      • Find out what happens when life and stress “get in the way”—be trained to use real-life strategies that work.
      • Hear how to incorporate healthful living and sound eating moving forward.
      • Learn to finally ask for and get support when necessary.
      • And more…

    Here’s the Win: Armed with new information, solid plans, realistic goals, and renewed momentum, you’ll have confidence, a stronger feeling of self-worth, and a trimmer body. It’s a Win/Win!

    In addition to receiving 6 weeks of self-guided information, support, and accountability in 6 key modules delivered weekly into your inbox. (Includes handouts, templates, and takeaways for you to download and keep…)


    #1 Two Q & A live calls (one every 3 weeks) so you’ll have 2 opportunities to bring your personal challenges and questions plus an open mind and a pen for notes in the comfort of your own home, office—or wherever you are. (Note: Some of the best advice and direction that I have ever received was from listening to others. I know you’ll want that, too.) Recorded for you to keep. (Value $500)

    #2 The exact same Healthy Eating Guidelines I give my private VIP coaching clients (Value $47).

    #3 An invaluable support group of people on a private, dedicated Facebook forum page. (It’s important to be with a community of people who are going through parallel issues.) (Value $200.)

    #4 Unlimited email access to me throughout the program. (Priceless).

    PLUS a SPECIAL BONUS to support you in effectively applying what you have learned to YOUR life…

    #5 One private 30-minute “the weight is over” session with me in between modules 4 and 5, carefully designed to help you expertly implement these steps and guidelines in your life. ($250 Value).

    “Roberta is one of the few practitioners I have met, in either holistic or traditional medicine, who combines the rare qualities of true compassion with unparalleled excellence in her clinical field.”

    “Roberta has cared for many of my own patients and is able to complement the improvements we can make with western medicine with the addition of acupuncture and holistic approaches.

    “Working with Roberta has been a true pleasure for both myself and my patients.”

    Jacqueline Jones, M.D.
    Best Doctors in New York 2000-2010
    Best Doctors in America 2005-2010

    Finally, Your Wait …and Your Weight is over Now!

    Ready for the WIN in Your life Starting Right Now?

    How Much Does The Weight Is Over Now: 42 Days to Wellness, Weightloss, and WOW Cost?

    If you add up all of the components and bonuses, the value of the program is $2,497.00

    But, I want you to have this powerful program NOW, and to stop the waiting…

    So your truly skinny price today is just…

    2 Payments of $159 or a pay in full option of $297!


    Please join me…
    Take care,

    Roberta Mittman

    P.S. I know many of you may be wondering if this is going to be just another weightloss program that “sits on your shelf.” Maybe you’re imagining how great it would’ve been if all those OTHER online diets and books actually worked for you. The truth is that for many of you, it’s having the self-guided format, laser-like focus, templates, information, personalized and community support, and accountability that will make the weightloss, wellness, and juicy WOW happen for you this time. And I stand right behind it—and you. Hope to see you there!

    guaranteeNo Risk Guarantee: Receive the first two modules, and if you are not completely satisfied, provide written notice requesting a refund to support@robertamittman.com BEFORE the THIRD module, and your money will be cheerfully refunded. Every penny.